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The Little Book of S#!t Baby Names

The Little Book of S#!t Baby Names

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  • 12cm x 1.9cm x 14.6cm

    Mums and Dads have always yearned for a rule book, a hitchhikers' guide if you will, that spelled out for them how to raise their children properly so they grow up to be well-rounded, decent and likeable adults. Well, that book doesn't exist. And it never will. So, why not read this one instead. We won't BS you with lies. We're here to make you laugh.

    The Little Book of S#!t Baby Names...and Other Pearls of Parenting Wisdom is the ideal antidote to a long day of looking after those little versions of yourself. This tiny tome is the perfect pick-me-up once you've dropped the kids off (at school, not a cliff) or put the baby down (to sleep) and you can finally reflect on how degrading and awful parenting is.

    This book will make you feel better if only because it'll teach you alternative, and perverted, lyrics to 'Wheels on the Bus'. Packed to the gills with hilarious jokes on all things baby-related, from how to avoid choosing a shit baby name, through to scores of bite-size parenting wisdom that may one day save your sanity from leaking out of your ears.

    SKU BOOK-SHT-001

    Supplier Welbeck Publishing

    Barcode 9781911610502

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